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About Us

Built by Women for Women.

The Nook Online is a digitized and modernized women's resource group offering efficient and scalable personal and professional development for women on the rise.

A safe and secure place to have meaningful conversations and support within your company, across industries, and across the world. Curated content, courses, and workshops that build the skills needed to advance and lead in today’s digital & dynamic world.

Our vision is to power the world’s greatest companies with women leaders who are confident, excel with the skills needed to lead today and tomorrow, and think and act both locally and globally in our hyper-connected world. 

We do this by empowering women to shift their mindsets, build their knowledge and get in the driver’s seat of their lives.

Why should your company join us?

Companies with a lack of gender parity are 29% LESS likely to earn above-average profits.
 Your company's problem:                          
  • Lack of gender parity in leadership
  • 'Broken Rung': women hitting barriers or opt-out 
  • Experiential learning is time-consuming and expensive to scale.
  • Employee Resource Groups are outdated
Our solution is a modern and digitally-native employee resource group for women that delivers:                       
  • Learning and future-proofed skills to get women past the ‘broken rungs” and accelerate gender parity in leadership
  • Expansion of corporate networks to a global and cross-industry community of peers and experts
  • Affordable and scalable access to the best experts and skill-building workshops     


Annual curriculum for mid-career/emerging leaders completed synchronously or asynchronously by our community across any device includes:                       

  • 4 executive coaching courses
  • Monthly hard-skill workshops
  • Weekly fireside chats
  • Weekly expert articles on personal, professional and financial development 
  • Small groups and community connectivity                                                       

Over 12 months your employees will:

Meet the Founders

We believe that women need to be strong and self-reliant but that they achieve their best self while supported by a tribe of supportive female peers. We are both driven, ambitious career women, and we are intent to have fulfilling personal lives.

In 2016, we, coincidentally, both made the intentional, lifestyle-driven choice to leave a big city (San Francisco and Los Angeles) and move to Sun Valley, Idaho with our families. We are both mothers of two headstrong daughters – a responsibility and a privilege.

We know, having experienced first hand, that travel and adventures in the outdoors have the ability to ignite women's confidence and capabilities in every aspect of their lives.

We believe that when you inspire and empower a woman, you empower a community. Empower enough communities, and you can change the world.

What our community is saying...

"This is a social network with a difference. There are opportunities for networking, education, it’s a safe space for us to be vulnerable and share difficulties as well as successes."

"This [is] by far the best career-development program I've ever participated in. There [is] so much information and wisdom to take in within each lesson. Definitely a great use of my time!"

"We have an onsite Women's Leadership Group but it meets once a quarter and often, I can't attend. The daily interaction is great and you get to the meat of topics. The Nook founders are great cheerleaders as well." 

"The understanding and realization that we all have similar challenges and struggles. This community is making me accountable and actionable."

"What Noa and Kim have created at The Nook Online is a great manifestation of how individual pursuits can be strengthened by peer-to-peer networks, by people cheering you on, supporting you and listening to you."

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